photo by Ron Sheets
Just like God blessed Abram, not so he can do a "Yay me!" dance, but a "Praise God!" offering, the LORD has also given to us, every good thing in Christ so that we might share whatever good He's given to us, with all those He's put around us. (2 Cor 9:11).

As many of you know, I have a rare metabolic disease that causes me daily pain and often disables me to from participating in many activities.

A little over a year ago, Jim and I began praying for God to provide us a way to pay off our increasing medical debt. I became discouraged when I had to have my kidney stone surgery in August (which was only three months after my cervical spine surgery).

I just felt like we could never get our head above water before something else in my body malfunctioned again, requiring more expensive medical attention. But just a few weeks after my surgery, the Lord brought this phenomenal product and company into our lives and I'm so grateful that He has used NeriumAD to not only help us pay off our medical debt (and even perhaps retire my husband in a year and a half) but the Lord's given me something special to bless others with. And I love that!

Then just a few weeks ago, I was very encouraged and blessed after I spoke with a precious 79 year old sister in Christ who, along with her wonderful husband has been sitting in a pew behind me and Jim for the past year. She commented on how beautiful my skin looked so I told her about NeriumAD and shared how the Lord used it to benefit me by showing her my "before" and "after" photos. She was so excited about it, I offered to bring her a free tester bottle the following Sunday so she could try it for five days.

Last Sunday, she returned my tester bottle and said, "Thank you for sharing this with me! I was surprised to see a difference in just three days and I can't wait to use this product continually."

You know, the Lord doesn't have to bring healing to our bodies, but He cares so intimately and so well for us, He remembers we are yet but dust and He has compassion on us (Ps 103:13-14).  I'm extremely grateful that our Heavenly Father gives us so many good things we don't and could never deserve. But in His abounding grace and mercy, our Father God showers our lives with blessings upon blessings in Christ Jesus His Son.

I was grateful to discover that God had given and blessed me with something I could give and bless my precious pew-buddy with. You see, what I didn't know prior to sharing NeriumAD with her was that she had been considering having some work done to help her skin look and feel healthier. She told me what a blessing I've been and how God used me to share this wonderful product with her and spared her from spending a lot of money and time on something else to improve the damage done to her skin over the past couple of years. And friends, this is not vanity, this is just being human. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel your best as long as you're not obsessed with it.

You can't imagine how overjoyed I was and still am to know that with such a simple sharing a bottle of skincare with someone could bless and encourage another. I was overjoyed!

When our bodies endure so much stress from medical procedures, medications and treatments for chronic illnesses, it can take a toll on our largest organ...our skin...and believe me, I know. I personally never realized how much damage my skin endured until I took my "BEFORE" picture and placed it next to my "AFTER" picture. This is when I realized how sickly and damaged my skin had become.

It started looking the way I feel inside. Which is not a good thing. In the photos below, you'll notice the reduction of my the pore sizes as well as the improved texture and over all tone of my skin! I love it! It looks a lot healthier, doesn't it?

As I share these photos with you, I need to be honest, I was initially very embarrassed to publicly show these untouched photos of what my skin looked like before NeriumAD. But as I prayed about it, I realized that it was vain to want people to only see me without all the unsightly damage my skin endured these past nine years. And as I prayed and read God's Word, I was convinced that the Lord didn't just bless me with this wonderful product so I can feel better about myself or just to help my family get out of medical debt. No, the Lord blessed me with this wonderfully, botanically-based product so I can share and bless others.

Being as weak and feeble as I've been, especially these past five years, I became a bit depressed to think that I no longer had any ability to give others anything that would bless and benefit them. But then God did what He always does, He shows us that He can make a way where there seems to be no way.

Thanks be to God for the gift of NeriumAD, the opportunity to live debt free and for giving a sickly and often home-bound person, the ability and resource to share good things with others by living out Proverbs 31:16, 18, 20 and 24. What an exceedingly kind and gracious Father God I have!

Rejoice with me in His goodness!


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