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Hey there, I'm Sunny Shell, a wretch saved by God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ the Lord. I'm married to the most incredible man on earth, who loves Jesus more than he loves me, and we have two precious adult sons.

The compassionately endures me through my metabolic disease (since 2004) that enables me to be more prayerful and careful about commitments I make and helps me to make the best use of my short time here on earth.

If you want to know more about me, click HERE.

WFW - A New Heaven and A New Earth

WFW - A New Heaven and A New Earth
What an incredible promise from our Father God - for those who have repented and have trusted in the name of Jesus Christ alone, will forever be remembered; will forever remain with our Sovereign Creator, the Great I Am! Today is a beautiful day to give thanks to our great and awesome God! But then again, isn't every day? As I looked at all three of these pictures, I couldn't choose which one to use because I felt as if they all described the meditations of my heart: My heart overflows with the well-spring of Life found only in Jesus Christ our Lord. ( Acts 4:11-12 ) My continual prayer is that I reflect the brilliant beauty of our Savior. ( 2 Corinthians 4:6 ) I remember the Lord said that one day, He will right all the wrongs and will come with His winnowing fork to separate the chaff from the wheat; and all temporal sufferings will pass as those called by His name will enter His presence forever. ( Luke 3:17 ) And I pray that I be like this tree, growing in the kn
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The Gift of Diabetes - The Gift of the Body of Christ

Please watch this video and allow the Holy Spirit to encourage, refresh and teach you as you listen to our brother Ray, lovingly, compassionately and boldly share the message of eternal salvation through trust in Jesus Christ alone. Hello dearest sisters! I know I've been "away" for a while, but I think I've finally come to a place of acceptance with all my health issues! And here's the VERY short version: I've been diagnosed with: pre-diabetes reactive hypoglycemia or hypoglycemia (which usually turns into diabetes type 1) high blood pressure and a host of other issues due to this there's nothing anyone can do but wait for me to get full blown diabetes just managing it by eating more to keep my sugars leveled With Christ's strength, our Father God's wisdom and great comfort, I've chosen to let go of any anxieties and inhibitions I've had due to my diabetes and all the other complications I've been experiencing. The best

Love Extravagantly, Just Like Jesus

Love Extravagantly, Just Like Jesus

ADVENT ~ Day 14 December 13, 2008 Scripture Passage: READ 1 John 3:11-18 Extravagant adj. - excessively high; exceeding the bounds of reason; going beyond what is deserved or justifiable I'll make a list of God's gracious dealings, all the things God has done that need praising, All the generous bounties of God, his great goodness to the family of Israel— Compassion lavished, love extravagant . He said, "Without question these are my people, children who would never betray me." So he became their Savior. In all their troubles, he was troubled, too. He didn't send someone else to help them. He did it himself, in person. Out of his own love and pity he redeemed them. He rescued them and carried them along for a long, long time. ~ Isaiah 63:7-9 (The Message) Our Father God's love for us is extravagant: excessively high, exceeding the bounds of reason and goes beyond what any of us could ever deserve. He didn't pay for us with the fleeting,

And They Gave HIM Gifts

And They Gave HIM Gifts

ADVENT ~ Day 10 December 9, 2008 Scripture Passage: READ Matthew 2:1-12 Our Advent devotional will be a little different today. As we draw nearer and nearer to Christmas, I've been praying and asking God to guide me to be more mindful of the celebration of our Lord Jesus' first coming. In an answer to my prayer, our sovereign Father led me to an article at CWO (Christian Women Online) . This article provides wise counsel on how to refrain from spending like the heathens! :-) Just kidding. Seriously, Marybeth shares how to keep from losing focus on why we celebrate, rather Who we celebrate and how we can keep our spending to a minimum by honoring God. She also gives us some great practical insight on how we can train our children to have a different mindset on the blessing of giving gifts rather than receiving them. After I read this wonderful article, I asked my Favorite to read it and suggested we implement these ideas, but maybe next year (since we're already s

Why Advent?

Why Advent?

Today is the 8 th day of Advent Why Advent? by Rev. Dr. Mark D. Roberts Copyright © 2008 by Mark D. Roberts In my last post, I told the story of my Advent beginnings. When I started out as pastor of Irvine Presbyterian Church in 1991, for the first time in my life, I began to see Advent as a distinct season of the year and to experience its richness. In the years following my Advent beginnings, my appreciation of Advent grew slowly and steadily. At some point I became aware of the purple and pink Advent color scheme, something we had not emphasized at Irvine Presbyterian Church. I remember when, sometime in the 1990s, we started using three purple and one pink candle in the church Advent wreath. It was a change for church members, who had been used to all white candles. But soon they appreciated the connotations of the colors. (Photo: The Advent wreath on the chancel of the sanctuary at Irvine Presbyterian Church) I decided to go “whole hog” with Advent colors one year.

Touch The Hem of His Garment

Touch The Hem of His Garment

ADVENT ~ Day 7 December 6, 2008 Scripture Passage: READ Mark 5:25-34 On Saturdays, I will post videos that help us to remember why we worship Jesus alone and why we celebrate His birth, while we look forward to our Homegoing. On Sundays, I will post articles from Rev. Mark D. Roberts regarding the Advent; what it means and why it's important for all of us to stay in a continual state of awe and wonder of CHRISTmas. I can never watch this music video without crying...and I'm not a cryer. So girls, if you're cryers, or not, you better go get your Bibles and some tissues. Be sure to read the Scripture passage for today so you can gain the full effect of this music video. I think all of us can relate to someone or many someone's on this video. I've been the first girl, full of shame due to sexual immorality; looking for acceptance and control of my life. I've also been the little boy and girl who had rejected and unloved on their shirts. I think

Softly Evangelistic Christmas Cards and MORE!

Softly Evangelistic Christmas Cards and MORE!

WOW! I saw this and thought that this would be something GREAT that all of us can do to keep Christ in our Christmas celebrations! And this also fits in with the Advent we've been celebrating together as we've been seriously considering how we might spend these next 20 days focused more on Christ and why He came - to save our wretched souls! Please go visit this sight! There are Christmas cards, note cards, tote bag, shirts (lots of different kinds: GREAT for the kiddos too!). Don't miss out on this fabulous opportunity to share with others the Gift that Christians offer first and foremost....the Gift of salvation found only in Jesus Christ. :-) Are you pumped?! I sure am!!!! Okay, just saw this video, about an atheist sign in Washington state's Capitol. Now, I'm more convicted than I was a minute ago to purchase the above cards, shirts, whatever. It seems our enemy, Satan is running a muck. Let's get in his way! Wanna join me?

"If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him." ~ C.T. Studd
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