Is it just me, or do any of you have to learn the same lesson, over and over again? For the past several days, I've been in a bit of a gloomy mood...which is very awkward for someone named "Sunny". But the truth is, since this past Thursday, I've been in a pit of despair, frustration, sadness and even a bit of anger. Until last week, I didn't know all those emotions could co-exist, but apparently they can, and did. Why did this happen? Well, last Thursday, I didn't get the greatest news from my most recent blood work. I knew I'd not been feeling well for the past month or so, but I kept thinking it was something else. Anything else besides that my health was still declining. I thought it could be something seasonal, something temporal that would go away just as quickly as it seems to have come. I was sure that despite how I felt, I was doing better. After all, I was doing everything my doctors asked me to do and more . As weak as I felt, I began to be su