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Hey there, I'm Sunny Shell, a wretch saved by God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ the Lord. I'm married to the most incredible man on earth, who loves Jesus more than he loves me, and we have two precious adult sons.

The compassionately endures me through my metabolic disease (since 2004) that enables me to be more prayerful and careful about commitments I make and helps me to make the best use of my short time here on earth.

If you want to know more about me, click HERE.

The Debate: Public School vs. Homeschool - Part 2

The Debate: Public School vs. Homeschool - Part  2
Most of us are well acquainted with Proverbs 3:5-7 and could probably recite it in our sleep. But it seems often, that the Scriptures we’ve heard for years, no longer reverberate as the simple, most integral note of our every heart beat— trusting God in everything , for everything . Remember when you first became a Christian? When you first met our Savior, heart to heart? Remember how scared you were to take a breath or even a single step without His voice (through His Word) leading you? Remember how quickly you would obey and how slowly you were inclined to do anything you weren’t sure of, just in case it was not God's will for your life...specifically? Remember when you didn’t trust your own knowledge of His Word (Prov 3:5), but would go back over and over again to make sure you read it right; then would pray for the Holy Spirit to teach you God’s truth so you would not only know Scripture, but understand it according to God’s heart and not yours (Jer 9:23-24, 1
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Day Spring Back-to-School Product Review

Day Spring Back-to-School Product Review

Recently Day Spring® contacted me and requested I review some of their latest Back-to-School products. Included in this review are pictures of the samples I received as well as information on other school supplies offered by Day Spring®. The supplies on the left include 1 folder and 1 pencil pouch from the Love is Real (John 3:16) collection and 1 folder from the Life Goes on Forever (John 17:3) collection. Each collection includes: 1", 3-ring binder w/2 interior pockets and vinyl cover 2-pocket folders w/glossy finish 80 page spiral notebook w/glossy finish Composition notebook w/glossy finish Pencil pouch These two folders are from 2 of the 4 designs Day Spring® offers for girls of all ages. All the designs are pretty, tasteful, fun, and bright. Whether you have girls in elementary school or secondary school, they will all be able to find something they like...or they may want to mix and match from all 4 collections. If you'd like to purchase these items online, Day Sp

The Debate: Public School vs. Homeschool - Part 1

The Debate: Public School vs. Homeschool - Part 1

There is often a heated debate within the Christian community as to which type of education is best for our children: Homeschool, Private Christian School or, Public School Parents within all positions seem to have very strong opinions regarding this topic, specifically, the parents who Homeschool their children versus the parents who send their children to Public School. Sadly, this topic has been used by Satan to divide the children of God on a matter which should unify us in much prayer, comfort and encouragement for one another. But alas, like Silly String, careless and belittling words are strewn all over the priceless and exquisite mantle of Christ’s love—rather than thoughtful, kind and considerate words of God’s wisdom (James 3:17-18). Here's a sampling of judgmental and holier than thou accusations and condemnations that have flown out of the mouths of both parties who seem to be the most up at arms with one another: Homeschoolers vs. Public Schoolers. It

Welcome home, Daddy!

Welcome home, Daddy!

When our husband's come home from a long, hard day at work, what are they expecting? Is it what they find when they get home? I'm often asked about being a biblically submissive wife and what does it "look like". The following,  are some of the questions that arise quite often from mothers with younger children: How can we lay a welcome mat of love for our husbands after a long day of hard work? How can we make our homes inviting places where Daddy longs to be at the end of a long day? How can we involve our children in this process and teach them to show reverence to their Daddy? "The heart of her husband trusts her, and he will have no lack of gain. She does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life." ~Proverbs 31:11-12 About fifteen years ago when I set out to becoming a Proverbs 31, biblically submissive wife, I not only apologized to my husband for the specific ungodly acts I committed against him, but I also asked him what things

"If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him." ~ C.T. Studd
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