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Hey there, I'm Sunny Shell, a wretch saved by God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ the Lord. I'm married to the most incredible man on earth, who loves Jesus more than he loves me, and we have two precious adult sons.

The compassionately endures me through my metabolic disease (since 2004) that enables me to be more prayerful and careful about commitments I make and helps me to make the best use of my short time here on earth.

If you want to know more about me, click HERE.

Why did God save us?

Why did God save us?
God  crushed  His Son; Christ  relinquished  His majesty; then  gave  Himself up for us so that we might be His people—holy and righteous (1 Thess 2:10), full of mercy and grace (James 3:17), and to proclaim His excellencies to the world (Ps 9:1-2, 40:5, 116:12-14; 1 Peter 2:9). God didn't save us so we could be free to do whatever we want, knowing we're forgiven of all sins: past, present and future. Neither did the Father do this so that we could haphazardly wander around this earth, mooning over all we want and don't have (like the rest of this world). Just as the honor of being assigned as an ambassador of an earthly country should not be taken lightly, so we also, who are in Christ, should not take our high calling as children of the Most High God lightly. An earthly ambassador is chosen to live in a foreign land to represent their country, while maintaining every attribute and character of their homeland. An ambassador does not lose or forget who he/sh
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You may freely download any of the Scripture-pictures found on this page in accordance with the Content Use Policy (located on the bottom-right of this site). To download or copy images: click on the image you desire, then press your right mouse button and select "Save Image" or "Copy Image". I encourage you to share the Word of God wherever He's given you influence. The Lord bless you.

Don't be a human bobblehead

Don't be a human bobblehead

As children of the Most High God, we're called to be doers of the Word, not merely hearers, or agree-ers. We can’t behave like little plastic bobblehead dolls: Stiffed-necked and immovable; only nodding our heads in agreement for the sake of false peace, or to appear holy and righteous, yet with no resolve to put anything we hear/read into practice. Jesus said, “This people honors Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me.” (Matthew 15:8) In 1 John 3:18 we're given this excellent exhortation, “Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.” Just talking about God and all the “right” and “good” things to do, does not make us doers of the Word; it only makes us wind bags. And like wind, all our talking comes and goes, but there’s no lasting effect in our lives or others (James 1:22-25), because there's no power coming from it by the Spirit of Christ; since creating anything false only comes from the Devil or our flesh, b

Ray Comfort's latest movie deflates narcissistic balloon of evolution

Ray Comfort's latest movie deflates narcissistic balloon of evolution

In "Evolution vs. God" , Ray Comfort , Founder/CEO of Living Waters Publications  completely collapses the heart of the evolution theory with wisdom from above (James 3:17-18) — by asking a poignant, yet simple question no one could answer. When I asked Ray what prompted this movie, he said,  "I was very concerned because Richard Dawkins made his way to the United States and began reaching out for university students, encouraging them towards evolution and atheism; which only leads to sin-filled lifestyles: pornography, homosexuality, and other perversions. Believing in evolution just gives people the excuse to sin and deny the God who created them." In preparation for "Evolution vs. God"  (which was originally titled "Famous Atheists") Ray asked more than 20 scientists if he could interview them for this movie. Most said, "No" and others said, "Yes, but not on camera." He was grateful that God gave him favor with

"If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him." ~ C.T. Studd
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