Recently, during a Christian Post interview , Dr. Robert Jeffress, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Dallas, called Christians who refuse to vote for megalomaniac Donald Trump, "fools". I'm proud to say, I'm one of those fools Jeffress is talking about. I'm glad to be considered a fool by man, rather than be deemed a fool by God. #NeverTrump: Because I love Jesus One of the essential differences between Christians and unbelievers is that we are new creations in Christ, therefore, we love what He loves (righteousness) and hates what He hates (sin). We don't make decisions based on our fears or affinities like the world does, but we make our decisions based on God's Word, and desire His perfect precepts (Ps 19:7-9; Prov 14:8; Prov 16:2-3, 9)—even if that means we may have to suffer temporarily (Ps 119:67, Is 30:18, 20-21). We trust our lives wholly to our good, sovereign and loving God and Father (Rom 8:28-29). I've been voting for 29 years and a