God Doesn't Have Adult/Grown Children

One day as I was studying the words of my Father God (my all time FAVORITE thing to do...well, I suppose it’s tied with worshiping Him, bringing Him honor, glory, praise, adoring Him...okay, you get the picture), I noticed something. I noticed that never at any point does God ever refer to us as His “adult children” or “grown children”. You know, like we do.

Whenever you ask someone if they have kids and how many, they’ll say something like this: “Oh, I have 2 kids at home and 1 adult child.”, or “Yes, we have kids, but they’re all grown now.” What do people really mean when they answer this way? Why don’t they just say they have 3 kids, 4, 12 or whatever? Why do we differentiate between how many we have living at home and how many are “adult children” or “grown children”?

We do this because this is our way of telling other people that while we may have an “x” number of children, some of them or all of them are no longer living with us, under our care, our protection, and our constant guidance. Our “adult/grown” children are now independent and no longer need us to provide for their needs (housing, clothing, food, etc.). But God never refers to us that way in the Bible. In the Bible, we are always referred to as God’s children, co-heirs with Christ, Jesus’ younger brothers and sisters, but never does God call us “adults” or “grown”.

Do you know why that is? It’s because unlike our children who will one day leave our homes and be able to provide for themselves and their own families and will no longer need our constant counsel, protection and care, we will NEVER have that relationship with our Father God. We will never be at a point in our lives where we will not need His constant care, counsel, protection and look to Him to provide our every need. We will ALWAYS need to stay close to Him and need Him to guide us in all things as He continues to conform us into the likeness of His Son, Christ Jesus.

Pretty cool, huh? What a secure and wonderful thing to know!