What Makes a Difference?

Last year Michael's teacher gave his class a writing assignment. His teacher instructed each student to write a short story, poem, or prose on: What Makes a Difference?

Below is the prose Michael wrote when he was only 14 years old and in the 8th. grade. Isn't it wonderful what God does with children who love Him? May your day be blessed, as you remember Who it is that makes all the difference...our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Without Christ, we have no life, no hope, no salvation - nothing good.

What makes a difference?
To help someone in need;
To be friendly to someone who is unfriendly
and love someone who seems unlovable;
To share with a greedy person
and endure the ridicule from others;
To be thankful for an unpopular gift;
To look at the positive side in others;
To have eternal perspective, in good
or bad times, a sharing heart
or a grateful soul for His Gift;
to realize how much you've
been given because of Love;
Jesus Christ makes a difference!