Passing the Torch

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June 6, 2008

Passing the Torch

"Passing the Torch" is a fabulous CD of a sermon given by Pastor Emeal Zwayne, Executive Vice President of Way of the Master/Living Waters ministries.

This CD provides great insight into the world's view of God today, as well as offering solid biblical counsel of how true disciples of Christ can be used to amend the world's tragic concept of God, starting with our families.

It doesn't matter how old your children are, it's never too late to infuse God's truth into their lives. And apologies to our children are never too late or never a bad thing either.

As we listened to this CD together as a family, even our teenage sons were inspired to share share their faith in Christ through their sacrificial living, godly leadership at school and with friends, and purposeful evangelism wherever they go.

We purchase these CD's in bulk so we can bless family, friends, co-workers and anyone else God leads us to share this inspiring message of how to walk steadfastly and humbly with our Lord - always keeping our spiritual fervor.

Please click on the image above so you too can order this sobering message, and share with those you love.


  1. I have 3 sisters. One that lives in Japan and is a born again believer,her name is Christina and she is 25 yrs old .
    Another one who is a nursing student here in California and eventually l wants to do missions full time, her name is Kim and she is 21 yard olds. '
    And my other sister Stephanie who is 28 yrs old and lived in Japan as well as an English teacher but is back in California and is a full time teacher in the public schools.

  2. I'm the 3rd youngest out of 4 girls .. No brothers :)
    My older sister is not a believer (false convert ) ,please keep her in prayer ..

  3. Are you going to the deeper conferences ?

  4. Yeah,I really want to go and see Paul Washer speak :) but I'm not sure if I will be there,who knows where I will be. I did request to go but it's still up in the air.I'm praying about going to England this fall or winter of this yr ,please keep me in prayer that God would open a door for me in England .
    I don't know why God has put England on my heart but I really feel the sprit leading me to England this yr .Will ,I hope you all can make it to the conferences!
    Would love to see you all there :)

  5. Hey Sunny ,
    How are you feeling today?
    Yes, please continue to keep my sister in prayer, I think she is coming around and I see God doing a work in her life.
    Praise the Lord !

    Yeah, there are so many False teachers coming about in these days and so many are being fooled by these teachers. It's so sad :(


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