Cafe Chat - God Is Bigger Than Me

Kim has given us a great chat topic today at the Cafe:

The catchphrase “It’s not about me” has become quite popular in our current world today. What does that phrase mean to you in your personal life? Explain.

To begin, I should probably explain that I have the logic (and sometimes behavior) of a five year old. So, with that said, I'll answer our chat topic today and explain what the catch phrase "It's not about me" means to me:

To me, it means what it says "IT'S NOT ABOUT ME."

I once read this story about a five year old little girl (since that's my level, this story caught my attention), who, while sitting in her car on the way home from church had a question for her mom. The little girl simply asked her mom, with her sweet, innocent and inquisitive little voice: "Mama, today the Pastor said that God is bigger than us." To this, her mother, smiling kindly, responded, "That's right, dear." The little girl continued, "Then the Pastor said that God lives in His children." The mother was thankful her daughter remembered these precious truths from the sermon that day and thanked God as she was grateful for just that. While her mother was silently giving thanks to God in her heart, her daughter interrupted by asking, "Mama, I have a question. If God is bigger than us and He lives in His children...well, then...wouldn't He show through?" The mother's smile of "Aw, isn't she so cute" turned to, "I'm in awe by this deep truth You revealed to me today Father, from the mouth of such a little babe."

May we live as if we wise and really smart adults, actually perceive what this little girl understood so well:

If God is bigger than us, shouldn't He show through?

praying the LORD finds this true in my life,