Evangelical Marriage Movie - Great Combination!

Fire Proof is a the latest movie produced by Sherwood Pictures, a ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, GA. Their first two movies were: Flywheel and Facing the Giants.

Our family has seen and love the first two movies! We've even bought the DVD's so we can watch them over and over and over again. :-)

Our family has also had the privilege of meeting the humble and God-honoring, God-fearing producers, writers and some of the actors (who are all church members) of the first two movies. The Kendrick brothers are both pastors at Sherwood Baptist Church and use their God-given gifts and talents for script writing and movie making to bring the greatest glory and honor to God! How refreshing! And what a miracle to find such a major motion picture in today's theaters! Only by God's grace was all this done and we are so grateful!!!

Please watch the trailer I have of the movie Fire Proof at the top of my blog. I also included the code so you can put it on your website or blog as well.

The more we support films like this, the more we'll be able to participate in storming the gates of Hell and honoring God's word by reaching the lost and encouraging the saints by every means in which God has so graciously made available to us.

And don't forget to go watch the movie yourself as well as invite your saved and unsaved friends to this movie...especially if they're having marital problems.