A Failed Abortion - A Survivor's Story

Two years ago my darling husband was serving our Lord and our country in Iraq. It was a challenging time and a very wonderful time we all spent drawing nearer and nearer to our gracious God and Father, through our Savior Jesus Christ.

Shortly after my wonderful husband left for Iraq, our oldest son (who was 14 at the time) was asked to lead the prayer at Free Market Foundations annual fundraiser luncheon . The attorneys at Free Market Foundation represented our oldest son in his case against our public school district who attempted to dismantle S.W.A.T. Bible Club at our son's middle school. God won. The religious persecution our family endured and the success of this case (along with many others like it) was taken to our Governor who signed a law giving rights to all public school children to freely practice their faith in school.

I attended the luncheon with both my precious boys and while we were there, we met this bright and beautiful child of God, Gianna Jessen who had survived her 17 year old mother's attempt to abort her 31 years ago. Please watch the video below, and share it with others.