WFW - Treasure in Jars of Clay

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September 3, 2008

WFW - Treasure in Jars of Clay

The first thing I thought when I saw this picture was, "Wow, although all the jars are beautiful and uniquely made, the jars that have the light within them really stand out!"

Then I thought about us, God's children. Are we like these jars...the one's that have the light within them that make them stand out? Do we live such abandoned lives to Christ that truly His light shines through that it causes the world to think, "Hmmm...they look just like me. But there's just something about them. Something I can't put my finger on. They just kind of...well, glow!"

This is how I want to be. I want to live with such devotion to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that while on the outside I may have similar features as another person, wonderfully and uniquely made - that the light of Christ so shines through me, others can see Him....just as easily as we can see the light through these jars!

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decreasing, so He may increase,


  1. what a gorgeous reminder! I love it!

    (and Kingergarten went well! yipeeee! pictures tomorrow if i recover lol)

  2. That was great!! Thank you for the reminder and the challenge! I just love how God uses you,Sunny! :)

  3. RYC: Thank you!! God is just so awesome!!! :) So all I do is write a post about it and comment like I have been?

  4. Amen, Sunny! What a precious verse! A great reminder that as God's children we are to shine forth for Him so that a perishing world may know His saving grace. Love this picture. It is such a great visual for this verse! Thanks for sharing with us. Thanks for your encouragements. Take care and God bless!

    Every blessings,

  5. Heather, YES! That is all you have to do and I know God will use to you to ABSOLUTELY bless our socks off!

    Oh, after you write a post on your blog, in your post (at the beginning or very end) write something like, "For more encouragement on ____ (fill in the blank with whatever lesson you post about) be sure to visit: "A Wife's Biblical Submission"

    You can take a look at the memes like WFW, Live Well or At the Well to see how people link back to the original blog so everyone can benefit from your post as well as posts written from other Bible Study participants.

    Pretty FABULOUS, huh?

    Bless you dear sister! I'm sure enjoying getting to know you! Boy I wish I was as wise as you when I was your age! I think I want to be like you when I grow up! :-)

    Love you girl!

  6. Sunny....that is AWesOME...with the jars! I love it!

    thanks for the blessing!!

    We'll chat soon...just doing some blog catching up...:)
    I STILL haven't read all of the new CWO mag....where are the days going???

    Hugs girl!

  7. That is just a really neat post! Thanks for sharing and have a blessed week.

  8. I love it.... I love it. THat is so how I want to live my life. Daily, it is such a task to fight off the enemy


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