WFW - No Greater Joy!

This is a picture I took of my boys last week.

Michael, my oldest, just got home from Cross Country practice and was tired.

In this picture Michael and his precious little brother (Kevin) who is his best friend, are lying on the floor just sharing with one another all that happened during their day at school.

I wanted to share this picture today because this has been a daily occurrence since the day Kevin was born.

My oldest son, whom I love dearly....well, is quite a handful to say the least. He's the child who put the word "strong" in strong-willed. I didn't know much about having children before I had them and all the people around me at the time, who had kids, only had girls. So I just assumed that only boys were so demanding, time-consuming and just, well...a mighty challenge.

When we found out we were having another son, I literally had a panic attack, right there in the doctors' office. The first thought that ran through my mind was that there was only the two of us (Jim and I) and we were barely enough for Michael. How in the world was I going to have any time, any, anything for another boy?! Also, flashes of typical brotherhood filled my head, as I envisioned, knock-down, drag out fights, throwing little brother in the closet and all the other brotherly horror stories I heard from other parents.

With all this going through my head, I prayed. I prayed that God would make this son different. I prayed that God would make their relationship different. I prayed that their relationship would be something God would use to be bear testimony to Christ and His sacrificial love for us. I prayed their relationship would honor God and also point others straight to the loving, merciful, gracious and righteous arms of our Savior. And I found great comfort when I remembered that God would surely not give me more than I could handle.

So, I got another strong-willed child...and they are both strong in the Lord. And for that, I am eternally grateful! Through all this, God revealed to me something I had not considered about myself....I'm much stronger-willed than the both of them put together! For those of you who read my "At The Well" post regarding the whole hair and bedsheets incident, can surely say an AMEN to that! :-)

Our boys are now in the 10th and 8th grades and still, best friends...who love the Lord...and only by God's grace, get to live in the same house! I mean, who doesn't want their best friend to live with them?!

I am eternally grateful for this miracle of the Lord I get to witness every day!

By the way, the reason why their laughing is because I'm standing right over them saying, "Okay, just do what you're doing and pretend that I'm not here!" Yes, I 'm a silly Mama! But it's only because Christ has given me so much joy!

Happy Word-Filled Wednesday everyone!

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