Absentee Voters and Absentee Visitors

Hello my beautiful sister in the Lord Jesus Christ!

I wanted to remind everyone to vote your faith today. Vote based on your love and devotion for Christ, our Savior and not based on fear, personal comforts or the opinions of man - from the world, or even from well-meaning brothers and sisters in Christ. Search God's word, and seek His counsel as you would do with anything else in your life. Then rest in peace, trusting that God will never forsake His children.

Please do not neglect your Christian duty to vote. It's better to be an absentee voter than to not vote at all. And please remember to keep everyone in your prayers today....you are all in mine! :-)

Now about absentee visitors. Unfortunately, I am not able to visit with you today, as I am compelled to live what I teach. :-) Therefore, I thought it would be good to refer you to some articles that I've already written in order to encourage you through various trials you may be enduring at the moment.

So today, I will be an "absentee visitor". While I may not be blogging today, my heart and prayers are with you all and in a sense I am still "visiting" with you in the best place possible....in Christ! :-)

If you or anyone you know is/are struggling, suffering or wondering how to discern between Satan's guilt and the Holy Spirit's conviction, please read:
The Difference Between Guilt and Conviction

For encouragement to no longer remain a victim of your circumstances or Satan's wicked schemes, please read:
Victors Not Victims

If you're battling with unforgiveness, and you're ready to win the battle in the Name of Jesus, then please read:
When and How to Forgive

Do you want to have Heaven's view of how the attitudes of our hearts ought look like, in our average day-to-day activities? If so, please read this excerpt from Max Lucado:
Each Day....

To understand how God loves us (with agape love) and how to extend this pure and beautiful gift of love from our awesome Father God to anyone around us, please read:
Freedom to Love

If you want to see an example of me oozing with joy and thanksgiving to God during one of my recent surgeries, then please read:
No Greater Joy

Do you ever wonder if Christians ought to be completely sinless? If so, please read:
Christians Sin Less

To read about why God saves us and how He expects us to see ourselves and others, please read:
Not Merely a Better Me

And last, but not least. For those of you who are struggling with and tired of the cycle of mediocre living, please read:
Mediocrity Starts With "Me"

I pray that today, that the LORD our God will direct all our hearts to the love of God and to the steadfastness; the perseverance of Christ Jesus, our Master and Savior. (2 Thessalonians 3:5)