That Thing Called Sin - From the Heart of a Teen

It continues to amaze me at how our awesome God works in our children's hearts....especially teenagers! :-)

The Bible says as the world gets older and the longer we're all here, the more sinful the world will become. I don't think there is anyone, believers or non-believers that wouldn't agree with that statement. We can all clearly see how wickedness has increased, in the form of incessant lying, lack of personal responsibility or repentance, self-absorption, self-glorification, sexual immorality, abortion, and so much more than I think I can list.

In the midst of all this, as much as we'd LOVE to homeschool our boys or send them to a private Christian school, we cannot, since God has clearly told us to send our boys to public school. As parents, this is very difficult as I'm sure we all want our children to be in a warm, loving and Christ-exalting environment. But God is God and we are not and we fully trust His direction in our lives, regardless of what we'd prefer and how much our heart breaks over things our sons' share with us as they pour out their hearts to us from each days struggles.

My husband and I both attended public school as well, and found it very difficult for a Christian to be in that kind of environment with constant, and blatant temptation, rampant all throughout the school. We wanted "better" for our kids and God has chosen what is better; in His sight, which is perfect.

Out of all the things we truly hate that our sons have to endure in a public school environment, this one, bright shining light of hope, keeps us going. The hope that God is using them as His light: to bring comfort to the poor and needy, to preach the Gospel and share the love of Christ; to be a friend to the friendless, and to draw us closer as a family.

You see, because our children attend public school, both my husband and I spend every time we can find to help them drink more deeply into the Well of Life, our Lord Jesus Christ. We've taught them since they were two to have praise and quiet time and seek God's face before seeking anyone or anything else. We have breakfast devotionals every morning and give them Scripture to help them throughout they day by purchasing them pocket-sized Bibles to have at school with them (and we started this when they first attended school at age 5). After school, I don't answer my phone or get on it, in order to give both sons my undivided attention to share all that is on their hearts. We eat dinner together and share our struggles as well as victories in Christ, and if there is time, then we read together so we can all be edified, or we snuggle and watch a movie about other Christians who have struggled with sin, and triumphed in the name of Jesus.

A few days ago my oldest son, Michael, who will be 16 next week, sat down and penned the poem below. I asked if it was alright to share this with all of you and he said that it was glad to share it. One thing we've tried to teach our sons is never to live in the deception that Christians are sinless, but that we do strive to sin less. My son is allowing me to share this with you, in the hope that it will exhort you, your children or anyone you know, to press on toward the goal God has called each of us, Heavenward, in Christ Jesus. No matter the cost, no matter the struggle, we must all desire greatly to mortify all that is within us that sets itself up against our awesome and glorious God.

Personally, I'm very proud of my boys! And I'm thankful for how God has protected, provided and taught them throughout their lives.

I'll be sure to pass along any encouragements the Lord leads you to share with him.

That Thing Called Sin

There’s somethin’ in my life that just keeps naggin’,
It takes shape whenever I start braggin’.
I can’t get rid of it, no matter how hard I try,
It rears its ugly head even when I tell a simple lie.
That thing called sin.

I hate it so much; I just want it to go away,
But that’s not gonna happen, it’s here to stay.
In this life, at least, I will struggle with it,
It will continue to drag me down, into a pit.
That thing called hate.

Why won’t it leave me alone, what’s the point?
I feel like it’s controlling every joint.
Is there a way out? Is there hope?
Or am I left to myself, just to mope?
That thing called depression.

There’s only one thing to do, one resolve,
It’s too big a problem for me to solve.
There is a Man, who can carry this burden,
He loves me so much, even though I hurt Him.
That thing called remorse.

His name is powerful, oh yes, it’s Jesus,
He is the Son of God, sent to save us.
I know what to do now, only this,
Give up my life of mere happiness.
That thing called hope.

Only Christ can do it, He’s the one,
I give up myself, I’m completely done.
With this burden lifted, and this wrong made right.
I can finally receive Eternal Life.
That thing called love.

I am free now, and belong to Christ,
I will stay with Him for the rest of my life.
I’m through with filthy, dirty me,
The stench so strong I could hardly breathe.

Through Jesus Christ alone can I win,
Over this thing…called sin.