And They Gave HIM Gifts

ADVENT ~ Day 10
December 9, 2008

Scripture Passage:
READ Matthew 2:1-12

Our Advent devotional will be a little different today. As we draw nearer and nearer to Christmas, I've been praying and asking God to guide me to be more mindful of the celebration of our Lord Jesus' first coming. In an answer to my prayer, our sovereign Father led me to an article at CWO (Christian Women Online). This article provides wise counsel on how to refrain from spending like the heathens! :-) Just kidding.

Seriously, Marybeth shares how to keep from losing focus on why we celebrate, rather Who we celebrate and how we can keep our spending to a minimum by honoring God. She also gives us some great practical insight on how we can train our children to have a different mindset on the blessing of giving gifts rather than receiving them.

After I read this wonderful article, I asked my Favorite to read it and suggested we implement these ideas, but maybe next year (since we're already so close to Christmas). Well, my Favorite read it, and liked what he read so much he said we'll be implementing these ideas this year!

So, for today's Advent devotional, I'd like to share with you the splendid gift God shared with me through our sister Marybeth Whalen with her practical "how-tos" on how to keep Christ in our Christmas. After all, isn't that why God gives us gifts? So that we might share them with those we love - just like He did for us, when He gave us Jesus.

Marybeth Whalen is one of CWO's newest team members. She is also a writer and speaker for the Proverbs 31 Ministries and co-wrote a book with her husband entitled: Learning To Live Financially Free: Hard-Earned Wisdom To Save Your Marriage and Your Money.

Oh and please, please note that CWO is in a new format and you can now leave encouraging comments for all the writers. So please share the gift of encouragement with our sister Marybeth as I know God will bless you through her, just like He did for me. :-)

Please click the link below for her article:
Budget Busters: Christmas Spending

This article is an excerpt from her e-book, which you can find at:
A Recipe for Christmas Joy (e-book)

Glorious Father God in Heaven, thank You so much for this time of Advent! It's already been so wonderful to drink deeply into Your word and seek Your purpose for all things, even in our shopping and gift- giving habits.

Thank You for how differently You've gifted each of Your children so that we might together, form the Body of Christ Jesus, Your Son. Thank You for enabling us to appreciate Your gifts and to use them for Your glory!

May we continue in our striving to keep Jesus the motive for our Christmas.