Softly Evangelistic Christmas Cards and MORE!

WOW! I saw this and thought that this would be something GREAT that all of us can do to keep Christ in our Christmas celebrations! And this also fits in with the Advent we've been celebrating together as we've been seriously considering how we might spend these next 20 days focused more on Christ and why He came - to save our wretched souls!

Please go visit this sight! There are Christmas cards, note cards, tote bag, shirts (lots of different kinds: GREAT for the kiddos too!).

Don't miss out on this fabulous opportunity to share with others the Gift that Christians offer first and foremost....the Gift of salvation found only in Jesus Christ. :-) Are you pumped?! I sure am!!!!

Okay, just saw this video, about an atheist sign in Washington state's Capitol. Now, I'm more convicted than I was a minute ago to purchase the above cards, shirts, whatever. It seems our enemy, Satan is running a muck. Let's get in his way! Wanna join me?