His Glory WILL Be Seen Upon You

ADVENT ~ Day 23
December 21, 2009

Scripture Passage:
READ Isaiah 60:1-5

I've mentioned before that I am not the sharpest pencil in the pack, therefore I don't understand many things as other people do. Often it takes me quite some time to really perceive what someone is saying, as the meaning often seems to escape me.

Knowing this, when I was in high school, I used to carry a dictionary in my backpack, to have with me at all times. And back in the days when dinosaurs still roamed the earth (just kidding), pocket-dictionaries were not invented yet; well, not very good ones. So, the dictionary I carried around in my backpack was - you guessed it, the large, Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. Sure it was heavy, but I didn't mind because I pulled it out often to look up the words that people were using during conversations, as well as reading it during lunch and anytime I had available. I always had it with me when I read the Bible because it seemed that I would often find myself stuck on some of the simplest words, just like I did today. Today, I got stuck on the word, "upon". To be honest, I'm not really sure what that means. And it seemed it would be greatly beneficial to look it up so that I might gain full understanding of what our Father God is trying to teach me today.

upon (preposition) - in an elevated position on1

According to the definition of the word "upon", today's key passage makes so much more sense to me and I pray that it will bless you as well.

You see, the Prophet Isaiah, by the leading of the Holy Spirit writes that the entire earth is covered with thick darkness. It was that way then, and I know we can all testify that it is also the state of the world even now. The world is filled with wickedness, self-centered, selfish, self-absorbed, treacherous, thieving, lying, God-hating, adulterous people who are under the power and deception of Satan. Yet, the Lord speaks this wonderful truth through Isaiah in the next statement, that while this is the true state of the world, God includes a "but". I love when God does that! Unlike us, when God says, "but" He's not going to make a statement of objection, but instead a statement of hope! Isn't our awesome Father so brilliant?!

I love this second statement, that starts with "but", that goes on to tell us the promise of the hope found only in Christ Jesus our Lord, "but the LORD will arise upon you, and His glory will be seen upon you."

Did you see that?! The LORD God Himself will be in an elevated position on us (specifically, His children)! He didn't say, He might, He said He will! The magnitude of this truth humbles me as I consider that Jesus made Himself nothing; took a lowly position among us; He put Himself under us in order to lift us up so that He will be exalted; that is, elevated in our lives. And so much so, that it will be evident to all people! Wow!

This promise of the evidence of Christ's resurrected life in all believers is amazing to me! And how does that come about? It is manifested in everything we do; whether we wash dishes, scrub toilet bowls, change diapers, cook meals, feed the homeless, preach the Gospel or clothe the naked. When any of us lives solely to demonstrate our love and gratitude to God, for the Gift of Jesus, then every breath we take, is breathed for His honor and glory.

Thoughts to ponder:
Sometimes we often think that we have to do some "big" thing for God in order to feel that our lives matter. But the truth is, nothing we do is "big" in the sight of the Great I AM. Everything we offer is small in His eyes, but is made into something extravagant when we give our all to Jesus. In Jesus' hands, all things are made new and beautiful! What opinions and thoughts have imprisoned you and kept you from believing this truth? Will you choose to praise the Lord our God in spite of how you feel and defy the chains of your mind today?

Lord God, You noticed me, when no one else did. You loved me and cared for me, when no one thought to share. I stood there, like an outsider. Just a small, frightened, little girl. Dirty, ragged, poor and afraid. I saw many children playing. They were smiling and enjoying one another's company. And they were very involved in what seemed to be a very important and exciting activity. I stood there alone, and thought to myself, "I wish I could be with them! I wish I could join and participate! But I'm too small, dirty, and poor."

Just then, the Man standing there with them motioned to me with His hand and said, "Come! Come join us!" I was humbled and began to cry as I couldn't understand why someone as wonderful as Him, would notice someone as lowly as me. Then You told me Father, that THIS is Your Son, whom You loved and gave up, so I could participate, participate in Your glorious presence and miraculous work of transforming lives.

I wish I had the proper words to express my gratitude and love to You Father, for the Gift of Jesus. But I'm afraid that my words pale in comparison to Your mighty love. So I will trust that You listen to my heart and hear my spirit sing.

You are my Maker. You are My God. You are my Jesus.
I love you.