Day Spring Back-to-School Product Review

Recently Day Spring® contacted me and requested I review some of their latest Back-to-School products. Included in this review are pictures of the samples I received as well as information on other school supplies offered by Day Spring®.

The supplies on the left include 1 folder and 1 pencil pouch from the Love is Real (John 3:16) collection and 1 folder from the Life Goes on Forever (John 17:3) collection. Each collection includes:
  • 1", 3-ring binder w/2 interior pockets and vinyl cover
  • 2-pocket folders w/glossy finish
  • 80 page spiral notebook w/glossy finish
  • Composition notebook w/glossy finish
  • Pencil pouch
These two folders are from 2 of the 4 designs Day Spring® offers for girls of all ages. All the designs are pretty, tasteful, fun, and bright. Whether you have girls in elementary school or secondary school, they will all be able to find something they like...or they may want to mix and match from all 4 collections. If you'd like to purchase these items online, Day Spring® is currently having a sale on the sets of 6 from various collections for 30% off the regular price! So, you can now purchase these sets for only $12.21! Each set includes 2 binders, 2 spiral notebooks and 2 folders. For those of you who have girls and boys in your family, they also offer sets that include designs for both genders. There's truly something for everyone.
Above, is a picture of 2 of the 3 designs Day Spring® offers for boys: Come Follow Me (Matthew 4:19), I Am the Way (John 14:6), and Citizen of Heaven shown below (1 Peter 2:11, Colossians 3:1-3, 1 John 2:15-17, 1 Thessalonians 4:17, Philippians 3:20).

The 1", 3-ring binder is very durable and nice looking. It has a  high quality, crisp design that clearly displays the Bible verse. The binder does not have safety lock rings, so if you have children who often drop their binders, this one may not be for them. Currently, Day Spring® does not offer binders that are larger than 1" for those of you who have Middle School/High School students who need 2" - 3" binders for many of their classes. I did, however, put in a request with Day Spring® for larger binders, so hopefully, we'll be seeing some in the future.

The 80-page, wide-ruled, spiral notebook is of good quality with a sturdy spiral wire that should hold up nicely. It is rather small with only 80 pages, so it may be best used for Elementary aged students or Secondary school students who need a smaller notebook for specific writing assignments in their Language Arts classes or Science classes for experiments and notes for projects. The spiral notebook does not fit in the 1" binder, but will fit nicely in a 1½" - 2" EZ-TurnTM ring binder or a 3" D-ring binder.

I found the 100 page, Citizen of Heaven composition notebook to be quite unique. The front, inside flap includes all the books of the Bible, Bible statistics (i.e., last word in the Bible, number of times "God" appears, number of words in the Bible, etc.), Things to Pray About, and Answers to Prayer. The inside, back flap includes great Scriptures to encourage your children to walk faithfully in the Lord throughout their lives (i.e., "Being a good friend is a very good thing." ~ 1 Thess 5:11, "Take a risk. Dare to be unique in Jesus." ~ 1 Cor 11:1, "You are SO loved. That's a good reason to smile." ~ 1 Thess 5:16-18).

The composition notebooks are going quick and most of them are currently sold out (online), so if you want these, I suggest you order them soon.
Here is a picture of the back of the pencil pouches. All the pencil pouches have stunning and invigorating, front designs your children will enjoy, as well as a clear PVC back so they can easily see all their items in the pouch.

The pencil pouches also include a mesh divider on one side where your child could put a small ruler, compass or Gospel tracts (shown in this photo: pink & blue curved illusions, The Atheist Test, Rome vs. the Bible) to share with friends before school, after school, at lunch or recess. Secondary school students who attend public schools can pass out and share tracts in the hallways and between classes (definitely in TX, but I'm not sure about the other states, so you'll have to check with your local school district's policies).

This pencil pouch measures 9" x 4½" x 2" and is made of 15% canvas, 25% polyester and 60% PVC. As you can see, the pencil pouch holds quite a few items including a 24-pack of colored pencils, large highlighters, pens, etc. With all that I packed in the pencil pouch shown above, there was still plenty of room for crayons, a 6" ruler, and much more. This pouch is definitely a good size. I would however, like to see Day Spring® make pencil pouches that have more dividers with front and back zipper pockets for secondary school students who have multiple classes.

Overall, I really enjoyed reviewing these back-to-school supplies from Day Spring®. The binders have a nice vinyl cover, while the folders, composition and spiral notebooks have a nice glossy finish on the covers for easy clean up in case of spills. The contemporary, inviting designs and practical functions of these supplies will appeal to boys and girls from elementary school to high school.  They have been made with excellence; as all things should be for anything that bears the name of our great and awesome Savior, Jesus Christ our Lord.

The entire collection of Day Spring® back-to-school supplies are available online, Walmart, and select Christian stores. Below are some other school supplies offered online:
Whether your children attend home school, private school or public school, these products will not only keep your kids organized, but also serves as good "ice-breakers" to talk about their faith in Christ... and they can do it, in style!