Authentic Biblical Womahood -- eye candy for your man

I made this quick, impromptu video after making dinner for my family and realizing I had a couple minutes to spare.

As I prayed about how I might best spend these few minutes, the LORD was kind to remind me of a recent video I had seen on Facebook where a Christian woman was telling other women that they are being "fake" or are wearing a "mask" if they looked halfway decent when and if they work from home. She was stating that if we are being "authentic" then we will stop trying to impress others to try to get them to love and accept us. She taught that women should just be who we are, without makeup, without hair combed, without a shower, etc., just as she was in the video (oh, but she did state that she washed her face).

While I agree with the concept of being authentic, this poor sister missed a major point...CHRIST! I was very disturbed that she not only professes to be a Christian, but she also has a Christian ministry where she is wrongly teaching other women about God and the things of God. It is obvious this sister needs to spend much time under godly and wise teaching rather than consider herself a teacher as it is written:

"Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness"
~James 3:1

Since one of the things the LORD has called me to teach women is biblical womanhood, after much prayer, I made this counter-video so that Christian women can know and live by God's truth written in His word rather than listen to the erroneous teachings of the falsely humble emergent church "Christians".

If your entire focus is on being "authentic" so that others will love you for who you are, realize that your focus is yourself and not the Lord Jesus whom you profess to trust and love.

Beloved sisters in the Lord, I urge you to flee from this deceptive teaching and practice of seemingly exterior "holiness" and be holy as the LORD our God is holy by the righteousness of Christ, who alone can make you holy, acceptable and pleasing before the sight of God (2 Cor 5:21, Rom 3:10-12).

Humble yourself before the Lord and do all things for His glory, for His name to be exalted...not yours.