I'm MOVING...to a new URL

Hello sweet and faithful friends!

Some of you are new to me and others have been traveling with me since I first starting blogging, 3 years ago! Well, sometimes change can rattle things up a bit, but for the most part, change is often good.

With that said, I wanted all of you to know that my URL has changed from www.aboutmyfathersbusiness.net to www.sunnyshell.org. It's a lot easier to remember and will afford me to creative freedom to change the title of my blog as God continues to transform me more into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ and enables me to write more content for His glory alone.

Google subscribers will automatically be re-directed. If you subscribe through another reader, you may have to manually re-subscribe.

I hope this doesn't cause too much trouble for you and I hope you will continue to journey with me as I strive to live my utmost for God's highest.

May the LORD's grace and peace be with you all!