'180' transforming hearts and saving lives: An interview with Ray Comfort

On September 26, 2011, Ray Comfort, Founder, President and CEO of Living Waters Publications(LWP) launched the “180” movie; a 33-minute documentary that transforms hearts with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and provides historical information that’s helping save unborn babies' lives.

In only four short months, “180” has been translated into 19 languages, has had more than 2.1 million views on YouTube, more than 36,000 “likes” on its active Facebook page, with more than 7,000 people sharing and interacting with other avid pro-lifers and members of the “180” team.

I was recently blessed to interview Ray Comfort, who’s become a modern day William Wilberforce for the pro-life movement. Just as William Wilberforce worked tirelessly to abolish the enslavement of innocent men, women and children, Ray Comfort works tirelessly to abolish the murdering of millions of innocent pre-born babies.

I absolutely love this movie and urge everyone to watch it and share it.

Why do you think “180” has gone viral in such a short time?

Ray: It’s totally unique. In past years, many Christians have done tremendous things for the pro-life cause. But “180” does more than alert awareness, it actually changes people’s minds about abortion by providing information they’ve never heard before.

Most of this generation has been brainwashed by only hearing one side—a woman’s choice.

Is the primary concentration of “180” the number of “likes” or “shares” you can get on Facebook, comments on the movie, or lives being transformed by Christ for the sake of the unborn and the unsaved?

Ray: Our agenda isn’t primarily about changing people’s minds about abortion. I don't want people watching the movie and still be pro-homosexual marriage, pro-pornography, pro-fornication. I want them to have a heart change through the power of the Gospel so that their worldview is the same as God’s. When the engine is on the right track, the carriages of the worldview will come into line.

What are the top two messages you want people to glean from “180”?

Ray: First, it’s wrong to kill babies in the womb. Second, everlasting life is a gift of God to all who repent and trust in Jesus.

How does LWP’s approach on the subject of abortion differ from secular pro-life organizations?

Ray: Genesis 9:6 says that if we shed the blood of man, your blood should be shed. You can’t murder a horse, dog or cat. The word “murder” is reserved for human beings. We’re not animals as evolutionists would have us believe. We are unique in God’s creation in that we have an inherent knowledge of right and wrong.

Dogs don’t set up court systems; they couldn't care less about justice and truth. Only man does that because he’s made in the image of God. Consequently, when you say you shall not kill, you stir up His God-given conscience within you. The word “conscience” means with knowledge. So every sane human being knows it’s wrong to kill a baby in the womb. And that’s why “180” is unique, because it appeals to that intuitive God-given knowledge each of us have.

What is “180” Wednesdays and Sundays and how did they come about?

Ray: 180” Wednesdays was created to keep the momentum going and designed to be a day where those who care about the unborn focus on getting the message out on Wednesday.

Millions of people have viewed it on YouTube and nearly 700,000 DVD’s have been sold; we see this as just the beginning. There are 6 billion people who need to see this movie.

The first “180” Sunday was held on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, January 22, 2012 at Calvary Chapel in Downey, California with approximately 4,000 in attendance.

What we’re offering is for either me or someone on the staff to show “180” during a Sunday church service and we’ll give a message afterward. This is extremely effective because there’s no need for registration or advertising. It’s just a matter of the Pastor giving us his pulpit so that with the help of God, we can transform his church from being passive about pro-life and evangelism to being passionate about both issues. We’ll also bring special packets with us which include: “180” DVD’s, God has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life, and a pack of 100 Lincoln Trillion dollar bill tracts.

Do you have a personal message you’d like to share?

Ray: Yes. One reason “180” has gone viral is because pro-life people and Christians are seeing the potential of social media to reach people. We can move mountains with a mouse, so get on your Facebook page, your email, Twitter and other forms of social media and send out our “180” link to friends, family and enemies; you could save a life. Go to HeartChanger.com to find out all the ways you can help.

Personally, I’m not going to rest until the legalization of killing babies in the womb is stopped in our country.

It’s imperative that everyone watch this movie, regardless of relationship status. Abortion not only affects young girls and single women, but as I shared in a recent article, abortion can have devastating effects on married women as well.

If you’re currently pregnant or have had an abortion and need counseling from people who care about you rather than how much money they can make, contact these local centers for help:

Real Options for Women, 700 E. Park Blvd., Ste 206, Plano, TX 75074 | Phone: 972-424-5144

Mid Cities Pregnancy Center, 8251 Bedford-Euless Rd, Ste 220, North Richland Hills, TX 76180 | Phone: 817-577-4387 or 1111 W. Airport Freeway, Ste 229, Irving, TX 75062 | Phone: 214-441-3460

Dallas Pregnancy Resource Center, 12959 Jupiter Rd, #260, Dallas, TX 75238 | Phone: 214-343-9263 or 6500 Greenville Ave, #405, Dallas, TX 75206 | Phone: 214-369-6281 or 3901 Holystone St, Dallas, TX 75212 | Phone: 214-905-9068