Because God is love, love never fails

Valentine's Day. we are again. Many look forward to this day. Many don't. Women seem to look forward to it more than men and those who don't have a "sweetheart" to celebrate with, are unhappy altogether.

So what's a Christian to do with this made-up holiday that's really not a holy day?

Well, it's certainly not a sin to celebrate it and it's not a sin to dismiss it either. This is one of those "live by your own conscience" decisions that all Christians have been given freedom to make (Rom 14:5-6).

This day is supposed to be the day where love is generously expressed, shared and celebrated. But it's really not about that for most, is it? For most of us (including Christians) this day has become sort of an idol day. Not that we are bowing down and worshiping a golden calf or anything. But we're doing something worse—we're making ourselves the idols to be worshiped (and really, I'm speaking more to the women than men).

Precious sisters in Christ, you must admit, you expect more from your sweethearts on this particular day than any other (with the exceptions of your birthday and anniversaries). Sometimes what you expect is more for competition purposes than it is for the expression and reception of true, God-given love, isn't it? You know what I mean? If your man doesn't outdo your friend's man, then you think this means your man loves you less.

Reading between the lines always gets us into a lot of trouble ladies...especially when there are no lines to read between. Creating a scenario that only seems to make sense to what your unreliable emotions tell you is a dangerous and honestly, quite sinful way to live (Philippians 2:3).

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, lived to give His life away. The condescension, life, death and resurrection of the Son of God, was the ultimate demonstration of love.

If we claim to know and understand this truth, then we would look to give to others; create a special day, afternoon or evening for the one we love, rather than wait with great expectation for what our sweethearts give to us, true?

Remember beloved and precious sisters in the Lord, we're not the frail, weak-willed women of this world. No, we're strong, vibrant daughters of the Most High God and therefore are empowered to give love rather than sit around like feeble damsels and wait for someone else to bring it to us. Love, that is, God has already been given to us. So let us give rather than look to receive.

If you've been saved by grace through faith, then you already posses the fullness of love found only in Jesus Christ, and therefore have no reason to remain in sorrow, because God is love—and He never fails.