#NeverTrump: I'm One of Those Fools

Recently, during a Christian Post interview, Dr. Robert Jeffress, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Dallas, called Christians who refuse to vote for megalomaniac Donald Trump, "fools". I'm proud to say, I'm one of those fools Jeffress is talking about. I'm glad to be considered a fool by man, rather than be deemed a fool by God.

#NeverTrump: Because I love Jesus

One of the essential differences between Christians and unbelievers is that we are new creations in Christ, therefore, we love what He loves (righteousness) and hates what He hates (sin). We don't make decisions based on our fears or affinities like the world does, but we make our decisions based on God's Word, and desire His perfect precepts (Ps 19:7-9; Prov 14:8; Prov 16:2-3, 9)—even if that means we may have to suffer temporarily (Ps 119:67, Is 30:18, 20-21). We trust our lives wholly to our good, sovereign and loving God and Father (Rom 8:28-29).

I've been voting for 29 years and am fully aware I'm not voting for a pastor; I'm voting for the next President or our great nation. Which means I'm not looking for the best Sunday School teacher-like characteristics. What I am looking for is someone who's a servant-leader that cares for others more than self; who's wise; has a firm grasp on foreign policy and can converse intelligently with foreign dignitaries; will uphold and protect our Constitution (not rewrite or ignore it), and does not support, in any manner, the killing of the innocent and the promotion of all that God calls evil.

Donald Trump: A Modern Day Barabbas

In three gospel accounts (Mk 15:7, Lk 23:18-19, and Jn 18:40) we're given a glimpse of Barabbas, the evil man the crowd chose over the good Lord Jesus Christ. The people voted for Barabbas because he said and did things that others were afraid to say and do. He was a loud, demanding and commanding leader, who charmed many to follow him because he appeared strong, unhindered by political correctness and deceptively looked as if he fought for the good of his nation. But God said Barabbas was a murderer, thief, and insurrectionist (someone who hates established government authority and leads a rebellion against it). Therefore, according to God, Barabbas was not the right person to vote for.

Supports Murderers: Donald Trump has donated an undisclosed amount of money to the world's largest baby killing factory Planned Parenthood Barrenhood and continues to speak well of them as a leader in women's health. Trump funds murderers for hire.

Thief: Donald Trump is well-known for doing whatever benefits Donald Trump the most. And if that means filing four bankruptcies so he doesn't have to pay his creditors what he owes, then so be it. Unfortunately, his thievery isn't limited to the business world. His thievery extends to extra-marital affairs in which he proudly brags about all the married women he's bedded and "stolen" from their husbands.

Insurrectionist: Donald Trump has been very clear that he hates established government and that's one of the main reasons why he's running for President of the United States of America...to run our country like his businesses, rather than lead the people of our great nation. He sees our country as just another commodity that he wants to win, rather than see our country as a people, precious people.

I don't care what next big name Christian rallies behind Donald Trump. I'm not impressed with the big names in this world or even in the Church. I'm impressed with Jesus Christ who alone is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Therefore, I refuse to cast my vote for a modern day Barabbas like Donald Trump. I will vote for the candidate who most closely aligns with my Savior's precepts, and that's Senator Ted Cruz. If Ted Cruz doesn't win the GOP nomination, I will either write in a candidate, or not cast a vote at all in the next Presidential Election. Saying we have to vote for Donald so Hillary won't win, is like saying, "We have to vote for Jeffrey Dahmer so Charles Manson won't win." Trump and Clinton are two peas in a pod and I refuse to vote for one of two equal evils.

Though Trump's self-aggrandizing, Barabbas ways aren't hidden, the majority of evangelicals are voting for him anyway. Why? I believe it's because we have too many slumbering Christians in our country due to the lack of Bible reading, studying, and meditating. We live in a time where many Christians get their theology from heretical books, TV shows and movies, claiming that these things are more exciting and relatable to them than God's holy Word. Shame on us. We need to repent of our spiritual laziness and apathy, and ask God to help us live as children of light, rather than like a sow, who after washing herself, returns to wallow in the mire (2 Pet 2:22).

We need to wake up—and follow hard after Christ.

"There are many ways of promoting Christian wakefulness...Let the eye of faith be constantly looking unto him; let your heart be full of him; let your lips speak of his worth. Friend, live near to the cross, and thou wilt not sleep. Labour to impress thyself with a deep sense of the value of the place to which thou art going. If thou rememberest that thou art going to heaven, thou wilt not sleep on the road. If thou thinkest that hell is behind thee, and the devil pursuing thee, thou wilt not loiter."
-Charles Spurgeon