Grow Deeper in Christ - Don't Miss This!

I strongly encourage everyone to go to this conference and forward this information on to anyone you love or almost love!

This is going to be an amazing conference where you will be totally saturated with the Word of God! Truly, for a Child of God, one of the most exciting things is to totally immerse yourself in His word with total adoration and praise!

This conference will quench your thirst, satisfy your hunger and draw you deeper and closer into a more intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ!

And hey, don't forget to bring the kids! Especially if you have teen or tween-agers! This will be such an encouragement for them to stand strong in Christ in this twisted and crooked generation they live in.

Below are the topics and speakers...WOW, what a list!

Gethsemane – the Missing Link to the Cross

Ray Comfort

Essential Truths of the Cross

Paul Washer

The True Gospel Call

Paul Washer

Sufficiency of the Bible

Johnny Hunt

Keynote: From Terror to Triumph
The power of the Gospel to transform whole nations as seen through a 2000 year panoramic survey

Marshall Foster

Breakout Session: The Winning Vision: how you can win against all odds, and bring whole nations along with you.

Marshall Foster

Apologetics and the Gospel

Kirk Cameron

Break out – evangelism (teens)

Kirk Cameron

Mind Matters

Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne

Proving the Bible is Supernatural through Biblical Covenants

Todd Friel

Proving the Bible is Supernatural by Following the Scarlet Thread

Todd Friel

Genesis: Key to Reaching Today’s World

Ken Harm

Defending the Christian Faith in Today’s Secular World

Ken Harm

Grow Deeper in Christ  -  Don't Miss This!
Hello fellow image-bearers of the Most High God!

I'm Sunny Shell and I'm an extremely grateful daughter of the LORD God Almighty. I'm also a wife to a loving and godly man, whom God has filled with kindness, wisdom and much mercy. My husband is my best friend and My Second Love.

I'd love for you to journey along with me as I share my life lessons, struggles and victories found only in Jesus. And I'd love to hear how God is growing you in your faith so that we might mutually be encouraged to press on toward the upward call of God in Christ Jesus (Rom 1:11-12).

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