WFW - Uniquely Blessed Brothers

I've recently been thanking God constantly for the special relationship He has granted my boys. They've been best friends since the day our youngest was born and they're convinced they will be until the day they die. We believe them!

The middle picture is our youngest son's first day of Kindergarten and our oldest son's first day of 2nd grade. Big brother was so proud to have his little brother finally attending school with him. And little brother was just as proud and excited to be going to the same school as his really cool, big brother! This picture was taken eight years ago and their not so little anymore.

The two pictures on the side were taken from our trip to CO a couple of summers ago. We'd have more recent photos, but I'm just not really quick with the camera and very rarely remember to bring one anywhere I go.

Our wonderful sons are now 13 1/2 and almost 16 years old. My how time flies when we're having fun....and we sure are! We rejoice in our Savior and thank God constantly for what He has done for us!

Soon, Michael will be getting his license and the first thing he said is, "I can't wait to take Kevin everywhere! We're going to have such a great time together! It's so great that we're brothers, and best friends too!" All of Michael's friends hang out with Kevin and have always welcomed him as part of their group. They always have. It's like Kevin's got a whole band of big brothers! His big brother wouldn't have it any other way. Michael has always had only one rule if you wanted to hang out with him, "My little brother comes too, or no one comes." And it's just always been that way!

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