9/11 - Moving On, But Without Forgetting

It has been 7 years since our country was attacked by terrorists. It has been 7 years since the family members of those who worked in the Twin Towers have seen their relatives, friends and co-workers. It's been 7 years since most of us have thought about how very fragile and precious life is. It has been seven years since "ordinary" men and women, risked their lives to save others they did not know. And it has been 7 years since many have remembered to keep those families in our prayers.

We said we'd never forget, but somehow, we have.

It has been 2,000 years since God came to earth, suffered and died for the souls of all who were once enemies of God. Who were and are the enemies of God? The entire human race. For we all have sinned and fall short of the glory (perfection) of God. We broke God's Law, but Christ paid the penalty for our crime, and He set us free. Free to do whatever we want? No, free to no longer live in a hostile relationship towards God. Free to be accepted by the LORD God Almighty. Free to sacrifice our conveniences for the sake of others. Free to love people we don't know and give our lives, like Christ gave His.

For those of us who have repented and trusted in the Son of God, Jesus Christ our Lord - the day we begged for forgiveness and confessed our sins, was the day we vowed we would never forget what He did for us....but sometimes we do.

Let us not allow our past sins to hold us back with the bondage of guilt. But let us remember them to learn from them and use the lessons from our sins as a catalyst to spur us on toward love and good works.

If you told God you'd never forget what He sacrificed for you...then live as if you mean it.

Please remember the families of 9/11 in your prayers as often as the Holy Spirit leads you. Please remember to thank God constantly for His sacrifice for us.

Here is a visual to help all of us give honor where honor is due:

"The Tribute in Light is was a temporary art installation of 88 searchlights placed next to the site of the World Trade Center from March 11 to April 14, 2002 to create two vertical columns of light in remembrance of the September 11, 2001 attacks." ~ FoxNews

remembering & honoring with you,