Deborah 13: A Servant of God

All praise and glory be to our Lord God Almighty!

Watch this incredible video of a rare 13 year old girl from the UK!

I pray that the Lord teach us as parents to train up our children as her parents have trained her the love and admonition of the Lord.

So often as parents, we allow strangers to infiltrate our homes (through the TV, internet and music) that we would never invite as guests into our homes. We watch shows like American Idol, Lost, or various other reality TV or worldly shows that provide no eternal impact on our lives or the lives of our children. Then we wonder why they succumb to peer pressure and care more of what their friends think about them, than what God thinks about them.

May the Lord our God be merciful to us, allowing us to repent, turn once again to Him and begin to "clean house" as we stop watching shows or movies that blaspheme our God's holy name, listen to music or radio programs that have no spiritual impact on our lives.

I've often heard people tell me, "Sunny, you know there are other 'good' TV shows, movies and music besides things about God." And this is my constant answer and I'm sticking to it:

"Scripture says that God alone is good. Therefore, if anything I do is absent of God, it is absent of good."

I pray that you are both blessed and exhorted by this video, as I have been, to press on toward the goal God has called us heavenward in Christ Jesus our Lord; and lay aside all that hinders us from running the "good" race.