U2 Have Hope

I've got to be the most blessed gal ever! Seriously, I think I am sometimes! God grants me so many joys in this life, often I feel as if I'm going to burst. I wonder sometimes how this temporal body can contain the glorious blessings from God without spontaneously combusting from it! Can you feel my excitement?!

A dear friend and precious sister in our Lord Jesus Christ, Carrie Cooper has recently been granted by God, an open door into radio ministry...on two stations, 91.3 fm KDKR in Dallas/Ft. Worth and 94.7 fm KKIM in New Mexico. Both radio stations love her short 30 minute segment and have joyfully invited her to air U2 Have Hope on their stations. Naturally, living in this world, that takes money and a lot of prayer.

Carrie is trusting God, who opened this door, to speak into the hearts of His faithful children to:
  • fervently pray and ask others to pray also
  • prayerfully consider financially supporting this ministry
  • faithfully help to spread the word: in person, by email, via blog/web post, Facebook, Twitter and any other resources the Lord has provided you to have a voice and impact for His Kingdom work.
This radio program is not your typical women's program. It's an exceptional program where women share their real-life trials and how the Lord Jesus Christ manifests His magnificent power over every earthly pain (John 16:33). I've had the immense privilege of listening to her first interview and I was blown away. For those of you who've been with me for a while now, know that when I say that, I don't mean on an emotional level, I mean in a great and awesome spiritual level. This show will not only comfort those who've been afflicted, but will also inspire us to take everything to the Cross of Christ and leave it there so He can lift us and carry us through. Our strength is limited and we are nothing compared to the glorious power of Christ.

The focal point of this program is to share the Gospel of Christ and proclaim His majesty in the lives of all who belong to Him. It leaves you with comfort, peace and hope in Christ and Christ alone.

Please watch this short clip from Carrie.

For more information please go to Comfort and Compassion Ministry and/or click the link on my right side bar.