Drawing Near: A poem of worship, prayer and praise

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January 26, 2013

Drawing Near: A poem of worship, prayer and praise

I used to write poems all the time. It's something the Lord gave me to do while He endured me through some of the darkest and most violent times in my life.

While there were many external forces working against me, God's word and the hope in Christ sustained me through the tempest. The Lord graciously drew me to seek His face, worship Him in love and truth, and brought me His incomprehensible peace.

The love of God, always quieted my heart (Zeph 3:17) and lifted my soul to remember what is greater than all that is in this world...the Lord Jesus Christ and the richness of the gift of God in Jesus.

Today, during my praise and quiet time, I read Ephesians 1:3-19 with vv. 17-19 inspiring me to write this poem that is my prayer for me, and all the saints who are in Christ.

May we who have been chosen by the Most High God as His dearly and beloved children, resolve to live abandoned to Christ (Gal 2:20); for His glory, His praise and exaltation alone—for He alone is worthy.

Drawing Near

Drawing near
To the throne of grace;
To fix our eyes
On Christ's glorious face
...to worship.

If we say
That we are saved;
Shouldn't it change
The way we behave

If we repent
From our sins;
Then why do we
Return again
...so carelessly?

Lord help us please
To abide in You;
And live as those
Who've been made new
...in Christ.

Let us not
Just praise with lips;
With hearts so far
Like hypocrites
...because this grieves You.

Thank You Lord
For saving us;
Help us live
With full trust
...in Your word.

Turn our eyes
From worthless things;
Incline our hearts
To bring offerings
...that are worthy.

As we draw
Near to You Lord;
Grant us strength
To know You more
...and love you better.


  1. Oh thank you precious Lindsey. I'm so blessed to know that God used it to encourage you. That was my prayer. Love and miss you too sweetheart. We'll have to set a time to chat soon.♥

  2. This is a wonderful thought provoking poem.I write the once a a while,I wrote them daily at one time also.I have been thinking of one today

  3. Thank you Viola for your encouraging words. That's neat that you write poetry too! God bless you sister. ☺


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