Interview with Brannon Howse on Worldview Weekend Radio Regarding Kirk Cameron

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October 22, 2014

Interview with Brannon Howse on Worldview Weekend Radio Regarding Kirk Cameron

I've been a bit behind on my writing due to multiple doctor's appointments, tests, etc. regarding my most recent health trial with premature ventricular contractions (PVCs); which I will share in more detail with my next article. So stay tuned.

I'm thankful to the Lord for all He's endured me through and also for this little bit of a breather so I can catch you up on the most recent happenings.

Last Thursday, October 16, 2014 I had the blessing of being interviewed live, on Brannon Howse's Worldview Weekend Radio program. If you missed it, you can visit my media page or listen to the podcast here.

What a joy it is to be connected with another faithful saint in Christ who loves God's Word, God's truth and God's people. I am grateful to the Lord for Brannon's much needed ministry to the Body of Christ in a time where apostasy is prevalent, and false teachings within the church are more dangerous to Christians than all the world's "persecutions" against us.

Sadly, one of those people who are no longer teaching what is in accord with sound doctrine, from within the Body of Christ, is Kirk Cameron. Rather, it seems Kirk has embraced a theological view called Christian Reconstructionism (Theonomy).

Over the past several years, he has put himself under the teachings of, and produced work alongside those who adhere to this view, namely David Barton, Gary DeMar and more recently, Darren Doane who's a preterist. You mix them all together and you get a very confused bag of Christianity that makes for a good psychological suspense drama, but not for good and sound doctrinal theology. This vagabond theology produces syncretistic posts like this one below (the "Day of Annunciation" is a Roman Catholic observance).

I get it. Kirk is very likable. Kirk is also very good friends with people I am very good friends with. All of this makes what I've been sharing about him this past week, very difficult. If I knew Kirk and his family, I'm sure I'd want to be their friend. I'm not sure they'd want to be mine. But being friends with someone or gauging their likability should not determine whether or not I support and promote someone's work.

This is where my personal affinities must be sacrificed to live a life abandoned to Christ: sola Scriptura, sola gratia, sola fide, solus Christus, soli Deo gloria. As C.T. Studd once said, "If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him."

While I enjoy  being liked rather than persecuted; being part of the crowd rather than standing out (or speaking out for that matter), the Spirit of Christ within me burns with passion for His Word and His truth—no matter the cost.

"Discernment is not a matter of simply telling the difference between right and wrong; rather it is telling the difference between right and almost right."
~Charles Spurgeon

Due to the many other strange things Kirk Cameron is teaching with his latest movie Saving Christmas which you can read here, I must speak out. I must warn. I must alert you to these "almost right" but not quite right things he's claiming about our Savior's birth. By the way, Kirk is now also teaching that Halloween has Christian foundations and meaning as well. You can read that story here.

I'm reminded of a sermon I heard from Alistair Begg a few weeks ago on 2 Timothy 3:6-9.

"The real threat to the not external political pressure from outside. It's not economic issues. No, the real threat to the church is, and always has been and always will be, the internal threat of disillusion—of moral and doctrinal declension on the part of leadership which then filters through into the very core of churches."
~Alistair Begg, "Bad Men, Weak Women"

As Pastor Begg states in his sermon, the greatest threat to Christians during the Apostle Paul's day, our day and all the days before us, are not from outside our churches, but from within. When pastors, elders and teachers are not diligent to understand the world around them and the heresies that are being taught, then they cannot and will not be diligent to alert and warn their flock of the ubiquitous false teachings that are creeping into our hearts and homes.

This past Sunday our Associate Pastor encouraged us with the reminder that though Jesus spoke in parables, that doesn't mean we ought to carelessly and arrogantly think we can make parables and allegories out of everything we read in the Bible. Rather, we need to remember why Jesus spoke in parables (Matt 13:10; Lk 8:10).

Too many people who presume to be teachers of the Word (not realizing what a fearful thing this truly is, James 3:1) carelessly speak of the things of God. Without the necessary fear of God that is the beginning of wisdom, they foolishly twist and mangle God's Word to craft snappy, philosophical parables and allegories with the intent to make the general public, including non-Christians easily understand the mysteries of God. Which is antithetical to why Jesus used parables.

We can't replace God's holy precepts with our faulty ingenuity for the sake of "reaching a larger audience."

Please friends, be careful who you choose to follow and support the work of, because whether you realize it or not, their teachings, solid or shaky, will infiltrate your heart and mind. Whomever you choose to follow will either help you gain a holier and clearer view of God, or they will hinder your intimacy with God through a humanistic and muddy view of the Great I Am.


  1. As we were led into reformed theology this past year, it awakened a passion for true christianity, and an utter disdain for the willy nilly, mixed bag that is so present in todays "christian" circles.
    Iam so grieved at the untruths being taught by so called pastors, teachers, etc...Seem so many of the former "good guys" are happily heading over to the untruth. It truly hurts my heart when I hear of yet another one going down the tubes....
    Thank you for your steadfast stance on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
    Gael in Cali

  2. I am confused by what you are saying...that God allowed for you to be sick in your body. That must mean He wants you sick. Does God then want you to go to a doctor to get better? Maybe you are going against His will.

  3. Hi there Diana, I'm confused by what you're asking. If you read the article, you'd clearly see that I've seen and continue to see MANY doctors. So what really is your question/purpose for antagonizing a weak and feeble person?

  4. Wow...Disqus is horrible...the third time I will attempt to post this...

    Hi Sunny, do you see yourself as weak and feeble? Or do you see yourself as more than a conqueror in Christ?

    Are you really confused by what I am asking? If God allowed for you to be sick, then why are you seeing MANY doctors? You are going against His will. If I allow my children to play with fire, then should I try to intervene when they are close to burning? It's the thief who comes to steal and to kill and to destroy. It is not God. If this were true, then Jesus would not have healed all who were sick. Does this sound simplistic? It's supposed to be. The Gospel is simple, but religion makes it complicated.

    I once believed as you do...and it messed me up. Your Heavenly Father would no more want to see you sick then you or I would want to see our children sick. This is a misrepresentation of a loving Abba who sacrificed His own Son for the whole world.

    We obviously are not in agreement here, and even though your commenting rules state that you welcome opposing arguments, I am not so sure that you really do. I think in times past some of my comments have been deleted, and they have followed Scriptural guidelines. So, my apologies if I have offended, and I think from here on in I will leave you be and wish you many blessings.

    One day we will meet in heaven, and I think one of us will say to the other, "Boy, was I ever wrong about that....."

    Your Sister in Christ,

  5. Hi Diana,

    Yes, I was genuinely confused by your first comment/question. I thought you were saying that I SHOULD be seeing doctors and if I weren't that I was going against His will. Thank you for clarifying what you meant. I understand your position now.

    And please understand, I communicate with a lot of people both in person and online (via various social media platforms and with those who email me), so I don't often remember who've I've previously spoken with...and I don't recall having any conversations with you prior to this one. I don't delete comments except the ones that I state do not follow my commenting rules (which have only been a handful) or those that attach links that I can't approve of.

    And no worries sister, I wasn't offended, just concerned for you with what seemed like a very uncompassionate and somewhat bitter comment (I could be wrong, it's difficult to tell these things through a written medium). So I responded the way I did to help you see that you might want to use a bit more consideration in how you chose to communicate with those who are already a bit "down and out" rather than bringing a battering ram to the party, you might want to bring a gentle nudge.

    My response to your question of whether I see myself as weak and feeble or more than a conqueror in Christ is this: both. My flesh is very weak and feeble, but my spirit that is indwelt with the Holy Spirit of God through repentance and faith in God's One and Only Son makes me more than a Christ. In Christ is key here. And so is using the wisdom and resources God has given me. To reject what He has provided through doctors or the wisdom NOT to allow my children to play with fire would be disobedient.

    As far as your assessment that the Gospel is simple, I agree. I was saved at the tender age of four because the Gospel IS simple and so is the Ten Commandments which was very clear to me at even four. It was clear to me that I was a wretched sinner and by God's holy standards, deserved Hell...but then, there is Jesus. Ah, the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ who came to seek and save the lost by shedding His precious blood; the only acceptable payment for the gravity of my sins against a holy God. I got that then, and I still get it now. Which is why I'm still so very grateful for my salvation and grateful for everything God deems good to use to conform me more and more into the image of His holy and blessed Son.

    In Lamentations 3:31-33, it is written, "For the Lord will not cast off forever, but, though He cause grief, He will have compassion according to the abundance of His steadfast love; for He does not willingly afflict or grieve the children of men."

    In this passage as well as volumes of others throughout Scripture God makes is clear (as exampled in Job's life) that He is sovereign and any "evils" that come our way are either done directly by His hand to discipline His children (Hebrews 12) or indirectly worked through agents of evil, as it was in Job's life and Israel when God used King Nebuchadnezzar to destroy the temple and take His people captive after they refused to repent for their idolatrous ways. Yet, those who remained faithful to the Lord, even in captivity, were blessed with more faith.

    Knowing that my light and momentary earthly afflictions are completely controlled by my loving Father in Heaven is what gives me the greatest joy and peace in the midst of all my physical pains. Because the knowledge of this truth is weightier than the burden of any physical trial I can face on this side of Heaven.

    I hope this answers your questions dear sister.

    The Lord bless you. ♥

  6. I'm late to this post. I hope that you are doing physically better. I'll keep reading and see if there is an update. I was just reading Job today (in my "read through the Bible in a year plan" and I hope to do the one you write about using next year! Plus I want that ESV Bible too with no notes, etc., just one continuous flow!), anyway....I was struck by Job's reaction to the news that everything he possessed, plus his children were gone. You know what it was. Right? So sweet. So telling. So righteous. And then when he was physically struck down, and his wife said what she did, well, he didn't even call her a fool, which one is never to say about another, but the wise husband that he was, he said that she was talking like a foolish woman would talk, not that she was indeed foolish. I just loved that. And in all that occurred, Job "did not sin with his lips." Lovely. I pray that for you too, with all that you suffer. One day soon we will see our Savior face-to-face. Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad. Great will be your reward in heaven.


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