#PsalmSunday: Psalm 45:6-7a

I've been posting #PsalmSunday on my Facebook Ministry Page since 2015 to encourage and exhort believers to spend the Sabbath worshipping the goodness of God our Savior in spirit and in truth. Through the Psalms we learn how to pray in anguish and in great pleasures. We learn how to rightly praise and adore our holy and gracious Father God. We learn how to exalt the name of Jesus and exult in His holy name.

In January of 2016, I began sharing #PsalmSunday Scripture-pictures in chronological order rather than randomly sharing them as they came to mind. Today, I posted verse 6-7a from Psalm 45. Today, I also realized that I've never shared this encouragement with any of you, my readers. Therefore, I am publishing this #PsalmSunday to rectify that oversight for the past two years.

Please join me every Sunday for a new #PsalmSunday Scripture-picture with a short devotional I write every week so that we may think more deeply about all that our awesome Father God has done for us and given to us in His glorious and majestic Son.

Below is the #PsalmSunday Scripture-picture and devotional I posted today on my Facebook Ministry Page. May the LORD our God use it as a source of blessing, encouragement, and refreshment to your souls.

The "gospel" of this world, and our wicked flesh is, "Love is approval and celebration of all that makes you feel good about yourself." But the Gospel of God's grace is, "God is love; therefore, love is first of all holy, then peaceable, right, just, sacrificial, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere." Only in Jesus Christ, the only Son of the only living and true God, can anyone find true love, true life, and true contentment.

Only through humble confession of breaking God's holy Law, pleading for God's forgiveness, mercy, and grace found only through the perfect work of Jesus Christ, can anyone be saved from the holy, righteous, and just wrath of God.

May we who profess Christ as Lord, live as His peacemakers, His ambassadors, His slaves of righteousness, His light of hope and life, all the days of our short lives so that when we go Home, we will not be ashamed, but will hear, "Well done good and faithful servant. You have done a beautiful thing to Me. Enter into the joy of your Master." (Mt 25:23; Mk 14:6)