It Matters Not

It matters not
If I say
"I believe in Jesus"
Yet I bray

It matters not
If I attend
Every church service
Yet ,God I offend

It matters not
If I profess
Christ as Savior
Without holiness

It matters not
If I give to the poor
And share what I have
Yet live as I'm lord

It matters not
If I say I repent
Yet live my life
To my heart's content

It matters not
My standing in church
If the desire of my heart
Is to lurch

It matters not
What I proclaim
If honoring Christ
Is not my aim

It matters not
If others speak well
For only Christ
Can post bail

If I'm not grateful
And humbled by God
My feign profession
Matters not.
It Matters Not
Hello fellow image-bearers of the Most High God!

I'm Sunny Shell and I'm an extremely grateful daughter of the LORD God Almighty. I'm also a wife to a loving and godly man, whom God has filled with kindness, wisdom and much mercy. My husband is my best friend and My Second Love.

I'd love for you to journey along with me as I share my life lessons, struggles and victories found only in Jesus. And I'd love to hear how God is growing you in your faith so that we might mutually be encouraged to press on toward the upward call of God in Christ Jesus (Rom 1:11-12).

I'm delighted you found my little writing corner and I hope you come for another visit soon. May God's grace and peace be multiplied to your spirits.