Is depression a faith issue?

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May 9, 2012

Is depression a faith issue?

It can be, but not always. There's self-pity (which is a sin) that brings some to become depressed. There are times when we're wounded due to self-inflicted trauma (meaning, you've behaved in ungodly and immature ways and now you have to lie in the messy bed you've made [1 Peter 2:20, 3:9, 4:14-15]). And there are traumatic situations that occur in a person’s life that are totally out of their control which brings them to depression.

In order to find out whether or not it's a faith issue or a medical issue, you should visit with your Pastor and/or a wiser and older Christian as well as your physician to determine the cause (if possible) and the degree of your depression.

I've been depressed before in my life, mostly due to self-inflicted stress and trauma, mixed in with a large dose of self-pity. And this depression was a faith issue. How do I know? Well, because my eyes were focused on me and my life and how I thought everything should be. It’s clear I was involved in self-worship. Since I was in despair due to a sin issue, that’s what made my depression a faith issue rather than a medical one.

After my recent back surgery, I was put on heavy pain medications that I'd never been on before and for a longer time period than I’m accustomed to (two and a half months). I unknowingly got myself off of them too quickly and suffered from painful withdrawal symptoms; one of them being depression.

It's been nearly two weeks since I've completely been off of my pain medications and all the withdrawal symptoms have subsided to a manageable point...except the depression. After suffering from this depression for four weeks, I went to see my doctor.

Though it's still a bit humiliating to admit, I've been diagnosed as being clinically and severely depressed due to low serotonin and was put on Lexapro which is an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor); a type of anti-depression medication.

I've only been on it for a week now and it takes three to four weeks for it to build up in my body, so I'm not noticing any relief from my depression yet.

But you know, God has blessed me with the most wonderful family and friends. My darling husband has been amazingly supportive, tender, understanding and proactive in helping me determine exactly what activities I "need" to do and not do. And in treating me so tenderly, through his actions, our sons have learned the same. My friends have lovingly and faithfully kept me in their prayers. They’ve come to visit me, brought me gifts that lift my soul, encourage me and do things that help relieve the heavy burden I perpetually feel.

Though I’m easily overwhelmed by most things, I’m grateful to God for His word, my family and friends that brings me so much joy and peace, even in the midst of my present darkness.


  1. Hello Sunny. Thank you so much for sharing. I think that it is wonderful that He can use the terrible and awful times for His glory and to be sure you are doing that! In so many ways. Glory be to God and prayers for you during this time of affliction!
    In Jesus Pauline

  2. Oh my beautiful girl... we really have more in common then I would like to admit. "You are my only sunshine.. you mak eme happy when skies are gray.." yes, are you singin that tune right baout now? and with a smile too? I love you more then you'll know!!! Thank you for sharing, and with that you will be on your way with this word depression so far behind you. I knwo when I was on some medications, not for pain but for my cancer/PRV I became so depressed and was in such denial about it.. I held back tears when I spoke to freinds, smiled when I would see my church family and inside I was screaming "help me! what is wrong with me"? My body was being pulled in all directions and I had no clue.. it wasn't until I went to my oncologist and when she asked me how I was doing and unlike how I would normally answer with a smile and say "fine".. I actually was honest with her and said "I feel like I'm going crazy, I want to jump off a bridge and end it all"! I'll never forget her expression on her face.. she instantly took me off my medication for that was a major side effect.. who knew? It creeped up on me slowly and I never told her how I "really" was feeling. But when it hit - it hit!. There is one thing I have learned during my own walk wiht my illness.. we can be honest all we think we are with God, but we have to be honest with oursleves and our doctors as well. I believe, He can only lead us to answers if we listen.. but if we are floating around in denial of things - He really has to shake us to see it!...
    I love you my sunshine!!!
    Laurie PB

  3. Sunny, I know where you're coming from. I've been in bed for over a month because of an ankle injury and it is depressing! Thanks for posting this, I'm encouraged. :)

  4. Thank you sweet sister Pauline. I so appreciate your kind words of encouragement and prayers. You're a blessing.♥

  5. Hello my precious Laurie,

    Ha, ha, ha...YES! I was singing it along with you...AND with a smile too! :D

    I remember that horrible time in your life. I prayed so hard for you. I'm so thankful to the Lord for His faithfulness and mighty provisions. His mercy surely endures and preserves us through all things.

    I love you dearly Laurie and pray that one day we'll get to hug in person once again...on this side of Heaven. :o)

    I'll always treasure the special bond God gave us over 24 years ago. 

  6. Thank you sweet sister Sarah,

    For taking the time and having such a loving heart to explain the medical aspects of depression to me. :o) You're a jewel. ♥ 

    I'm so blessed to have a wonderful doctor (who's also a sister in Christ) who explained it to me as well because she wanted to comfort me with knowing that I'm not going crazy and I'm not lacking faith because of a chemical imbalance in my brain. I'm not God and I can't control that. :o)

    My full hope and trust is in the LORD. I am His hand-maiden, and I trust He will surely do all that He pleases to and with my life...and with this, I am fully satisfied. Soli Deo Gloria. Amen.♥

  7. Praise God you were encouraged Tejas! The LORD uses whom He will for what He chooses and we are all the benefactors of His common grace. May we all lift our voices to give Him His due praise! :o)


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