The Atheist Delusion: Movie Review and Interview with Ray Comfort

Since September 26, 2011 Living Waters has produced six award, and soul-winning movies: "180" (2011), Genius (2012), Evolution vs. God (2013), Noah and the Last Days (2014), Audacity: Love Can't Stay Silent (2015) and in August 2016,  Ray Comfort, Founder and CEO of Living Waters will release their latest film, The Atheist Delusion: Why Millions Deny the Obvious.

I'm excited to share this review with you that includes an interview with Ray Comfort, and interesting behind-the-scenes stories...but no spoilers. If you want to know exactly what's in the movie, you'll have to watch it yourself when the pre-release digital download is available on July 29. And believe me, you certainly do not want to miss this one.

Happily wearing my The Atheist Delusion (TAD) "thinking" cap
while writing this review.
The Atheist Delusion opens with a beautiful graphic of the title, and the DNA molecule spinning within an incandescent light bulb. This is only a slice of the stunning graphics throughout the entire movie. The sound effects and music are also spot on—engaging and guiding us through the splendid imagery of our awesome God's creation.

A portion of an interesting TED-Ed lesson is shared in the movie, Joe Hanson's, "DNA: The Book of You". As I watched it, I was in awe, once again, of the incredibly intricate and fascinating way God created us...down to the microscopic detail.

Then, as always, we see my friend and faithful brother in Christ, Ray Comfort, reasoning with unbelievers. He uses a book, Made in Heaven (published in 2012 by Master Books), that he co-wrote with Jeffrey Seto (Aerospace Engineer). It's an incredible 80-page book (that I highly commend to you) filled with gorgeous pictures and incredible facts of how "science shamelessly steals from God's creation". Click this link for a sneak peak of Made in Heaven.

After Ray provides reasonable comparisons between the making of the book and the existence of God, all the interviewees agree that something doesn't come from nothing. However, they are still not convinced that God is the "something" that created everything. But when Ray gets to the heart of the matter, many denounce their atheism and express the desire to repent and trust in Jesus. Hallelujah!

Throughout the movie, I couldn't help but smile, laugh, cry, and marvel at the kindness of God toward us—in creation, and in His grace and mercy.

Two of my favorite moments in the movie are: 1) When Ray asks Haley, "Do you know what God did for guilty sinners so we wouldn't have to go to Hell?" and she says, "I don't know. Would you mind telling me?" 2) After Ray shares the Gospel with Richard, he says, "I'm a total stranger to you. Why do you care about me?" and Ray answers, "Because I love you. I'm a Christian. And I'm not filled with hate like some religions." Amen and amen. Those of us who have been forgiven of our sins because of what Jesus Christ did for us on the Cross, desire nothing more than for others to receive the same free gift of eternal life through repentance and faith in the Son of God (Gal 2:20).

Interviewing Ray at Living Waters' headquarters.

Why/how did you decide to use, Made in Heaven in your interviews?

One day, the thought just came to me, "I'd love to put someone on the spot with a physical book so they can see it, not just imagine it, and if they could really believe that a book could make itself." The first time I did it, it clicked. The guy turned the pages, looked at the color pictures, and then I asked, "Do you think a book can make itself?" It made it real, especially when you think of ink falling from nowhere into coherent sentences with periods, commas, and capitals. And then more ink falling onto paper, that came from nowhere, in sequential order. This is when you think, "No, this is getting crazy."

It's a beautiful book and this movie was originally made to promote that book for the publishers. It evolved into what it did after I made a 45-minute movie on my phone with iMovie at home, and showed the staff.

As I showed people the book, I watched their reaction as I asked them if they thought the book made itself. Then I asked them what DNA is. They said, "It's a book, book of life."

For me it was a revelation because my whole point with atheists has been building, builder; painting, painter. And they've gone ho-hum about that. But they can't about DNA, because if anything screams science—it's DNA. And so it's catching them in their own game because this is the most complex thing in the world—revealing the mind of God to a point, when you get the revelation, you want to worship.

Did any of your interviewees comment on the book as they looked at the gorgeous pictures demonstrating the awesomeness of God's creation and our imitation?

Yes, I gave it away a number of times because people just loved the book. In fact, in the interview we had to take it out because I had to say, "Stop reading the book. I want to talk to you." I wanted to call the book, "Theft", but the publishers said it was too strong. Because it's what it is. They steal. They say, "Velcro, we invented it." No you didn't. God did. You just copied that along with all these other things that you copied and have taken the glory for the invention without giving God the attribution.

It's an exciting book. It contains the Gospel, and gives glory to God. I'm so excited we can use it in the movie.

How/where did you choose/find your interviewees?

Three universities: Long Beach State, Irvine State, and a local college. It's very hard to get atheists on camera. I've said to hundreds of people the last four months, "Excuse me, I'm trying to interview atheists. You wouldn't be an atheist would you?" And they'd say, "No." and walk on. Every now and then someone would say, "I'm an atheist." And I'd say, "Can I interview you?" and they'd say, "No." Because atheist have nothing to say. They've got no good news to share, they're not concerned for my salvation. So they don't really want to go on camera. If I got one on camera, the principals I used would only work on reasonable people. And the word "atheist" and reasonable are oxymorons. Atheists aren't reasonable. They say, "Nothing created everything." Not only that, but they have to be humble to receive what's being said. So it was hard to find atheists, even at universities that would stop, be reasonable on camera, and humble enough to consider what was being said. I was delighted how many we got on camera.

For one of the interviews, I was at Long Beach State, and I had a large sign that said, "I want to interview atheists. Will pay money." That's how desperate I was getting. And you know what I did? I put it in the trash because after sitting there 30 minutes and no one comes up to me. Then as I was walking away, I see Haley (the first woman in the movie) and I asked, "Are you an atheist?" And she says, "I am." I said, "Can I interview you?" And she said, "Certainly." And away we went and she was just so sweet. I should've prayed with her. I was so delighted to get her interview, I said, "You've just been so sweet." and I just ended it with that. We shook hands and she walked off. But I should've spent more time praying with her.

Did you know in advance that they would be open to being interviewed?

No. Just as you go through. One guy was offended and walked off. It's the guy who said, "You're mischaracterizing Richard Dawkins." A little interesting anecdote. As he's walking off, I said, "Hey, come back. Let me shake your hand. You may be upset but let me just say that it's been a honor to speak with you." And he said, "Oh..." and walked off. About two months later, I was at the same college and did an interview that was mediocre and I was just sitting on some grass under a tree and a guy walks by and says, "Hi Ray." And it's that guy! And he sits down and I said, "Hey, we're going to use your interview." And he says, "You're going to make me look like a fool." I said, "Oh no. That would be bad for us. We don't to interview people that look foolish because we want their arguments to be considered as intelligent." He says, "Oh. Why do they call you 'Banana Man?' " So I spent 45 minutes talking with him, and gave him a Subway gift card. What I shared and the time I spent with him really spoke to his heart and he gave me his phone number and said, "Call me, I'd love to do more interviews with you." We had a great time. Please pray for him, his name is Anthony.

From conception to completion, how long did it take you to make this movie?

I was able to do all the initial interviews and pull the movie together in about one to two weeks. I'm very passionate about what I do, so I work on it relentlessly. It was a very rough cut, but it showed a blueprint of what I had in mind. And then I gave it to our guys. As time went on, I'd interview more people and add to it. So it took a total of five to six months.

What's the correlation between atheism and idolatry?

Sir Isaac Newton, who was a genius, referred to atheism as idolatry. What an atheist does is, he shapes his atheism according to the image of he thinks God would be like. Richard Dawkins is an idolater. The god Richard Dawkins doesn't believe in doesn't exist. Richard created a monster and then he's disgusted by the monster he created. But that monster doesn't exist. The God who revealed Himself in Scripture is holy, righteous, just, merciful, kind and loving. In fact, He gave us life as evidence of His kindness. But Richard Dawkins doesn't bring that into the picture. He's just got this evil monster that he's kicked out. And so, again, the god that Richard Dawkins doesn't believe in, doesn't exist. He's a figment of of his imagination; a place of imagery. And he's done that because if you have your own image of god, your god doesn't have a moral dictate.

An atheist doesn't believe that God exists. So everything he accuses of God doing in the Old Testament didn't happen. He says, "God killed all human beings through the flood!" So I said to him, "So it happened?" Then he says, "No! It's a myth!" So I said, "Well, what are you getting so upset about? It's like getting upset that Cinderella's fairy godmother turned her coach into a pumpkin at midnight and going around writing books about it and getting upset. It didn't happen. So don't get upset. Just relax and enjoy life. Leave us alone."